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  • The FDI Type Christmas Blackletter Bundle

    As a one-time special offer, you can now get all blackletter fonts from FDI Type in one package, including some fonts which aren’t directly available for purchase. The package contains a total of 22 fonts with a value of around $ 385,–. 

    List of included fonts:

    • Elfen-Fraktur
      • Elfen-Fraktur A
      • Elfen-Fraktur B
      • Elfen-Schmuck (free font)
    • Krimhilde
      • Krimhilde A 
      • Krimhilde A Bold
      • Krimhilde A Display Fill
      • Krimhilde A Display Fill Bold
      • Krimhilde A Shadow
      • Krimhilde A Shadow Bold
      • Krimhilde A Outline Bold
      • Krimhilde B
      • Krimhilde B Bold
      • Krimhilde B Display Fill
      • Krimhilde B Display Fill Bold
      • Krimhilde B Shadow
      • Krimhilde B Shadow Bold
      • Krimhilde B Outline Bold
    • Pavillon-Gotisch
      • Pavillon-Gotisch A (not directly available for purchase)
      • Pavillon-Gotisch B (not directly available for purchase)
    • Wiking
      • Wiking Regular (free font)
      • Wiking Licht (not directly available for purchase)
      • Wiking Borders (not directly available for purchase)





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    Related fonts in the FDI library:

    Elfen-Fraktur FDI Wiking Krimhilde Pavillon Gotisch

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