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  2. All our fonts support a basic Latin/Western character set. If other scripts (like Cyrillic or Greek) are included as well, it will be shown through the Pro suffix.
  3. FDI Type joins Fontspring

    Over the last years, the font reseller Fontspring has earned itself a great reputation for fair licensing conditions—both for font users and font makers. And so we are happy to announce that our entire font catalog is now available on Fontspring. https://www.fontspring.com/foundry/fdi-type-foundry We celebrate the launch of our fonts on Fonspring with a special deal: Get the complete family packages of all our font families 50% off until the end of August 2017.
  4. El Dorado International Airport

    Signage for an airport in Colombia using Wayfinding Sans Pro.
  5. Hospital signage

    Signage of a hospital in Germany using Wayfinding Sans Pro.
  6. Subway Signage in Rio de Janeiro

    As a pilot scheme, the Cinelândia station in the center of Rio de Janeiro was equipped with a new wayfinding system using Wayfinding Sans Pro.
  7. Santa Cruz Wayfinding Signage

  8. Detroit book

    Book design with Hooptie Script as display font.
  9. Eszett book

    A book about the letter ß, set in Graublau Sans Pro.
  10. eigens logotype

    This group purchasing organization for pharmacies uses Graublau Sans Pro for their logo, as corporate font and for their magazine.
  11. Video2Brain

    Video2Brain, a LinkedIn company, uses Graublau Sans Pro as corporate font.
  12. Art event

    Flyer for an art event.
  13. Water Park

    Logo for a Russian water park.
  14. Shopping center

    Logo for a Russian shopping center.
  15. Iwan magazine use

    Iwan Reschniev as display font in the magazin “Pardon”.
  16. Den Blaa Planet

    Corporate font for Northern Europe’s largest aquarium.
  17. Book covers

    Two books set in Graublau Slab Pro from the publisher “books4success”.
  18. Cove website

  19. fonts.info became FDI Type Foundry

    Our foundry started in 2004 with the name and website “fonts.info”. FDI (short for “fonts dot info”) has been our official foundry vendor code since the beginning. Using a domain name as foundry name caused some problems in the past and the “info” top level domain has caused confusion regarding what that site would offer. So some years ago we started phasing out the old foundry name in favour of “FDI Type Foundry”. This process was now completed with the move to a new domain: fdi-type.de. The licenses are not affected by this name change. The completely redesigned website currently only presents our font library. The option to directly purchase licenses will be made available later this year.
  20. Who needs to have a license?

    Any entity that is working with the actual font files needs a separate license. A design studio that is creating artworks (logos, brochures and so on) for a client needs a license. The client might not need a license if they only use and distribute the artwork made by the design studio. But if they want to edit files and install the fonts on their computers, then the client needs a separate license in their name.
  21. What type of licenses are available?

    FDI offers these stock licenses: desktop digital publishing: webfonts e-book app All licenses are based on the usage of the font files. Unlike some other foundries, we do not charge additional fees for a regular desktop font use that happens to be used for logos, letter-products, broadcasting and so on.
  22. Is there an education discount?

    Yes! We are happy to grant a 30% discount for digital products for students and teachers who can prove their current enrollment/employment. The license is identical to the full license and doesn’t prohibit commercial work. The education discount cannot be combined with other discounts and might not be available for certain business products.
  23. Can I modify fonts from FDI Type?

    Yes! Unlike most other foundries, our EULA specifically allows font modifications and conversion. For example: If you have an application that only supports TrueType-flavoured fonts, you can convert our PostScript-flavoured fonts to TrueType. But please keep in mind that the right to change our fonts doesn’t effect the licensing. For example: If you want to use our fonts as webfonts, you need a proper webfont license. You cannot just create the webfonts yourself based on the desktop fonts we licensed to you.
  24. Andreas Wohlleben

    Andreas Wohlleben studied Visual Communications at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences and is working as a freelance designer and illustrator in Böblingen.
  25. Motor City Blood

    T-shirt from the Philip Fox Band.
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