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  • FDI Farbmeister

    Designed by: Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2022

    Number of styles: 3

    Script support: Basic Latin

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …)

    Not recommended for: long texts

    FDI Farbmeister is a unique set of bitmap color fonts, which lets you type with the look of original blackletter letterpress fonts. FDI Farbmeister contains three styles: Alte Farbmeister is based on a style from the Deutschmeister family originally released in 1927. Neue Farbmeister is based on the woodtype version of the Deutschmeister bold condensed style. The digital version comes in two styles: Version 1 has blue ink, which can be targeted and changed in photo-editing apps like Photoshop. In version 2, the letters have white ink. 

    The fonts contain around 100 glyphs each—all letters from the original German character set, including ligatures, figures and some punctuation marks. For kerning purposes, the thin space (U+2009) and the hair space (U+200A) are included. The space character has multiple versions, which are being used automatically when the OpenType feature Contextual Alternates is turned on. 

    The fonts can be used in apps that either support SVG color fonts or Apple’s SBIX format. Before purchasing FDI Farbmeister, please download the free demo font to test whether your operating system and your apps support our bitmap fonts. The demo font contains the letters to spell “FDI Farbmeister DEMO”.  

    The complete font set contains 40 transparent PNGs with tools and materials from a letterpress workshop, like bodkin, planer, chase, galley, quoins, and various spacing materials. 


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    Alte Farbmeister

    Neue Farbmeister 1

    Neue Farbmeister 2

    Need a custom color?

    No problem at all! Use the font Neue Farbmeister 1 in a photo-editing app. Target the blue hues only. For example, in Photoshop, create an adjustment layer with the “Hue/Saturation” effect. Change the blue hues to any color you like.

    Bonus PNG set

    If you buy the complete Farbmeister set, you get 40 additional hi-res PNGs with a transparent background. This image set contains tools and materials from a letterpress workshop.

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