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  • Where can I use vector color fonts?

    Our vector color fonts ship in two standardized font formats:


    COLR/CPAL fonts can be used as webfonts. All major browsers support the format. But even if a very old browser is being used, the font can still be shown as a regular OpenType font, just without the additional colors. So, COLR fonts are safe to be used. 

    We currently do not officially support the use of COLR/CPAL fonts in desktop apps, but we monitor the development and might support this use in the future. 

    SVG OpenType

    SVG OpenType font can be used in desktop design applications like Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator and Affinity Designer. The format is not backwards-compatible and needs dedicated support. Make sure your applications support the format before buying licenses for our SVG color fonts. 

    We currently do not officially support the use of SVG OpenType fonts as webfonts, since the format is not backwards-compatible and not yet supported in all browser. 

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