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  • How to cancel an annual license?

    Our annual webfont licenses renew every year. We will remind you via email that a license renewal is upcoming. The invoice is created every 365 days after your initial order. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you stopped using the webfonts on the licensed domain. 

    To cancel an annual license:

    1. Open fdi-type.de and log in. 
    2. Click on Purchases/Licenses/Downloads in the Store menu
    3. Open the license you want to cancel
    4. Click Cancel Renewals

    Not paying the invoice will also mean that the license expires, but we recommend to cancel the licenses to avoid confusion and reminder emails. 

    Important: Never try to reverse an already made payment through your bank or payment provider like PayPal. This would be a fraudulent action and we would be hit with significant chargeback fees, which we could legally ask you to pay back to us in addition to the renewal fee itself. So it ultimately creates more costs. 

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