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  • FDI Reklameschrift

    Designed by: Otto Ludwig Naegele, Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2022

    Number of styles: 2

    Script support: Latin Extended

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …), Editorial Design

    Notes: This font contains glyphs and/or features which are only accessible with fully OpenType-savvy applications.

    FDI Reklameschrift is a carefully crafted digitization and extension of “Reklameschrift Bombe”, originally released in 1908 at the type foundry Ludwig & Mayer. FDI Reklameschrift covers Western, Eastern and Central European Latin and comes in two versions: Version A is as close as possible to the original design, containing some blackletter-style letterforms. Version B replaces these letterforms to improve legibility and allow a modern use. 

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    FDI Reklameschrift was digitized from the original letterpress font

    FDI Reklameschrift A (traditional)

    FDI Reklameschrift B (modernized)

    Complete Win 1252 and Mac Roman codepages …

    and coverage for Western, Eastern and Central European Latin

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