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  • Hooptie Script

    Designed by: Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2011

    Number of styles: 5

    Script support: Basic Latin

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …)

    Not recommended for: long texts

    Notes: This font contains glyphs and/or features which are only accessible with fully OpenType-savvy applications.

    Two typefaces inspired by the car lettering of the Motor City. In contrast to other car script fonts, the Hooptie Script fonts make full use of modern OpenType technology. Just turn on contextual alternates and ligatures and watch how each letter pair always connects perfectly. The full package includes seven bonus vector images of vectorized hooptie cars.

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    Contextual Alternates
    Turn on contextual alternates and all letters automatically
    connect perfectly to subsequent letters.

    Increased Tracking
    Add one or more underscores between characters if you like.
    (Note how the A-i connection changes automagically.)

    Hooptie Script regular

    Motor City

    Hooptie Script oblique

    Motown Music

    Hooptie Script Decay

    Speramus Meliora

    Hooptie Script Rusted

    Resurget Cineribus

    Hooptie Script Star Chief

    Chrysler Eight

    Additional Links

    Type Specimen PDF

    Hooptie Script in Use

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