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  • FDI Lettograph

    Designed by: Walter Wege, Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2024

    Number of styles: 3

    Script support: Basic Latin

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …), Editorial Design

    Notes: This font contains glyphs and/or features which are only accessible with fully OpenType-savvy applications.

    FDI Lettograph is a faithful revival of Berthold’s Signal fonts, originally released in the 1930s. All three original styles are available as individual OpenType fonts or as one variable font. 

    The digitization was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter supporters have already received the fonts. FDI Lettograph is now available as part of a soft release to supporters of our community platforms Typografie.info and Typography.guru

    The full public release will be in 2025. 


    Made possible by the generous contributions of these Kickstarter supporters: Alain Wohlfarth; AMy;  Antti Alanko; aquorange; Atelier Tintifax; Barry Buchanan; Buchflink; Creativ-Family Petra, Maiko and Hiram; David M. Bowen; Eva Judkins; Florian Hardwig; Gerald; Heidi Meier Huber; Gunther Schmidt; Hans Schumacher; Harald Rösler; Heinz W.; Henning M. Lederer; Herr K.; Jan Persiel; jbuehl; Jens Naumann; Johney Choi; Josh Korwin; Karl-St. Wenzel; Klaus Wehling; kommaprint; kosmar.design; Lorenz Klingebiel; Luzius Thöny; Maik-Felix Gomm; Michael M.-H.; Michael Sprünken; nalle malmborg; Nummi; Peter B.; Peter König; PetraM.; Rainer Mack; s.a.x.; Sam at BLAG; Sigurd Hasle; Spremi; Stevo Schüling; Thomas Kunz; Til Jørgson; Tobias Linne; Tom Rohde; Wolfgang Stief; Frieder Zimmermann; Tim Verrenkamp


    FDI Lettograph was digitized from the original letterpress fonts

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