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  • FDI Wunder

    Designed by: Heinrich Laudahn, Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2023

    Number of styles: 2

    Script support: Basic Latin

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …)

    Notes: This font contains glyphs and/or features which are only accessible with fully OpenType-savvy applications.

    FDI Wunder is based on the typeface Laudahn-Kanzlei originally designed by Heinrich Laudahn and released by Bauer in 1913. FDI Wunder is a carefully crafted revival design based on the original letterpress fonts. 

    FDI Wunder comes in two versions: version A stays close to the original design and is perfect for traditional German blackletter typesetting. Version B uses romanized letterforms which are easier to read and more suitable for a broader audience. 

    Both version come with a complete Western Latin character set and OpenType ligatures and swash characters for the beginning and end of words. The swash characters are coded to be content aware and will only be turned on at the beginning and end of line and when no collisions with other characters could occur. For an extra touch of magic, try out the experimental title case feature, which automatically creates a ‘dancing baseline’ (when supported by the app). 

    For the first year, the fonts are available exclusively to supporters of the Schriftkontor community platforms Typography.guru and Typografie.info



    The letters of FDI Wunder are based on scans of the original letterpress letters of Laudahn-Kanzlei

    FDI Wunder A

    FDI Wunder B

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