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FDI Type Foundry
  • Logotypia Pro

    Designed by: Ralf Herrmann

    Released: 2004

    Number of styles: 2

    Script support: Basic Latin, Basic Cyrillic

    Most suitable for: Display Use (logos, headlines, …)

    Not recommended for: long texts

    Notes: This font contains glyphs and/or features which are only accessible with fully OpenType-savvy applications.

    A logotype is the main element in every corporate design and corporate communication. Many logotypes are based on existing typefaces. These can be fancy display fonts which tend to become old-fashioned very quickly. On the other hand there are text typefaces that are optimized for small sized and don’t have the unique appearance a logotype needs. Logotypia Pro is made for one purpose only: the design of logotypes and headlines.

    Logotypia Pro cover the typical Western Latin 1 codepage and the Russian codepage ISO 8859-5.


    Alternate Glyphs for selected characters

    Ligatures through kerning or special connector glyphs

    Logotypia regular

    ABCDEFG 123456

    Logotypia oblique

    ABCDEFG 123456